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Download KML Builder it's Free

Google Earth Plugin has been deprecated to oblivion.

Kml Builder is officially retired (does not work) but for historical purposes the download will remain available for a little while longer.

Here is the official announcement:
Download Version Size Release Date
English (.exe) 1.0.7 (Beta) 7 MB 2013-02-15
English (.zip) 1.0.7 (Beta) 6.5 MB 2013-02-15

Once installed, please review the Help file to learn the concept.

*== Please backup your KML/KMZ file before opening in Kml Builder ==*

Download Instructions:

  • This software is not code signed therefore make sure you download KML Builder from this site only
  • Accept the security dialog then choose Run to start the installation or choose save to save the installation package on your computer if you wish to install it at a later time.
  • You must agree to NorthGates' software license agreement and agree to be bound by Google's Term of Use .
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